We are a group of professionals with high-level technical training, dedicated to perfecting the procedures of companies that trade within derivatives and capital markets, and to bring those businesses who are yet to work with them closer.


We provide advice on:


We analyse and suggest different strategies that comprehend both the local and foreign agricultural futures and options markets, as well as the capital markets and the structured products. If needed, we complement these strategies with adequate training, tailored to each company's individual circumstances and the existing market scenario. We provide analytical assistance to decision making.


We provide practical and educational training for the futures and options markets, OTC derivatives and the capital markets. We collaborate with the design of customized training programs, either for companies’ own staff and market end-users.

Risk Management

We identify and measure the risk using Value at Risk methodology. Based on the assumed risk, we provide management indicators and suggest how to proceed under the best practices of risk management.

Hedging Counselling

We work together with companies that are affected by commodity price risk, exchange rates and interest rates.

The value we add

  • Unbiased assessment of companies’ portfolios and their associated risks.
  • Analytical tools for position monitoring and corporate portfolio analysis on a global level.
  • Coherence checks between companies’ portfolio and its expectations toward price scenario.
  • Identification of risks associated with companies’ portfolios.
  • Analysis of OTC structured products: accumulators, vanilla options and exotic options.
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Training Counselling

We work together with brokers and consultants of the derivative and capital markets, as well as the companies that trade within these markets.

The value we add

  • Design of effective programs.
  • Educational content. Exercises tailored to the participants’ interests.
  • Audience adaptation of unknown, complex topics.
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Risk Management Counselling

We work together with companies that have several business units, traders or trading desks.

The value we add

  • Identification, quantification and management of derivatives and spot markets price risk, applying methodologies employed by major financial institutions.
  • Improving daily operations with the best risk management practices in order to minimize operational risk.
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The following are some of the companies we have developed consulting projects or training programs for:

  • Colibrí (Oil Company)
  • Agricultores Federados Argentinos SCL (Cooperative)
  • Agroeducación (Educational Platform)
  • Argentina Clearing SA (Clearing House)
  • Bolsa de Comercio de Rosario (Board of Trade)
  • Grassi SA
  • LBO SA
  • Mercado Argentino de Valores SA
  • Negocios de Granoos
  • Mercado Argentino de Valores SA (Stock Exchange)
  • OI Inversiones (Broker)
  • Roagro SA (Broker)
  • MATBA ROFEX Trading School (Futures Exchange Education Department)
  • Sembrar Agropecuaria (Farming)
  • José M. Alladio e Hijos SA

About Us

Gabriela Facciano, FRM

Gabriela has more than 25 years of academic and professional expertise in the derivatives markets. She has worked for both of the futures exchange markets of Argentina, and was a member of the surveillance committee of Argentina Clearing S.A., the most important clearing house in the country. Gabriela also worked at the Rosario Board of Trade, serving as the Education Director, in charge of all training programs and the design of marketing materials, as well as directing their Research Department, providing support to ROFEX, the most active futures exchange market in Argentina. Throughout her career, she has been involved in academic activities, delivering both graduate and postgraduate courses on derivatives, risk management and quantitative methods for several universities. In 2016, she founded Derivatics, a consulting firm dedicated to the analysis, strategy and education of the financial derivatives markets.

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Sarmiento 710, 4th floor, office D (Rosario, Santa Fe) +54 9 341 675 6499